Learn to Render Realistic 3D Interior from Scratch – From Shaders to Final Post Production

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If you wanna know to create a realistic 3d interior without any complication, this is the course for you. I will give you tips before getting started and then we move to make everything from scratch.

I will create all the materials/shaders one by one, so you can learn how to create good looking materials that will look great in any lighting condition.

After we create all the shaders we will setup our lighting and how to create a nice mood in our interiors. After that you will learn how to use the camera to create and control the light in your 3d interior.

Finally we will improve our render with the post production options that comes with Corona Renderer.

  • Learn  how  to create soft shadows with different lighting sources
  • How to create a nice light bounce
  • Better way to diffuse light in your  interior
  • Sunny Daylight Setup
  • HDRI for Diffuse Lighting  and Secondary light sources
  • How to proper expose your renders
  • Controlling  the Corona Camera for better light distribution
  • Enhancing your render inside Corona 
  • And much more…
What comes in the  package?
  • HD Video Course
  • Full Scene ready to Render with 3dsmax and Corona Renderer
  • All the textures and material more than 30 Maps
  • All the 3d models ready to be used, more than 25 Models
  • Support via email related to the  material
  • A few jokes...

This is a really great training for people who are looking to understand how to create a realistic 3d interiors, fast and accurate with correct exposure.

In this training everything is  practical, I explain a few things but everything is about doing the lighting for correct exposure and colors.

  • 3dsmax 2015+
  • Corona Renderer 2+
  • Download Only
  • Language: English


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