CoronaTraining – Different Lighting Setup – Sunny, Diffuse, Night Dusk

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Learn how to create different lighting scenarios with  this Corona Course with 3dsmax
In this video training series we are going to setup 3 main lighting scenarios in 3d visualization:
  • Natural Sunny Daylight
  • Artificial Night Lighting
  • Diffuse Lighting HDRI

All the scenes are included, 3 in  total

We will use different lighting sources to create a realistic interior with different mood, so you can  master your  lighting in any type of environment for your 3d visualization project.

  • Learn  how  to create soft shadows with different lighting sources
  • How to control light bounce
  • Better way to diffuse light in your  interior
  • Sunny Daylight Setup
  • How  to  avoid hard shadows
  • HDRI for Diffuse Lighting  and Secondary light sources
  • Advanced night lighting with realistic tones
  • How to proper expose your renders
  • Controlling  the Corona Camera for better light distribution
  • Enhancing your render inside Corona 
  • And much more…
What comes in the  package?
  • 3 HD Video Training – 1 for each lighting setup
  • 3 Scenes ready to Render with 3dsmax and Corona Renderer
  • All the textures and material more than 50 Maps
  • All the 3d models ready to be used, more than 30 Models
  • Support via email related to the  material
  • A few jokes...

This is a really great training for people  that are looking to understand how to setup different lighting for their interiors, fast and accurate.

In this training everything is   practical, we explain a few things but everything is about doing the  lighting for correct exposure and colors.

  • 3dsmax 2015+
  • Corona Renderer 1.7+
  • Download Only
  • Language: English


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  1. Nicolas Glen

    Excellent course aleso, thank you

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