Corona Home Office Making Of Tutorial

Corona Home Office tutorial interior rendering

Hello guys, in this simple making of I want to show you a few setups for this corona interior, I was looking for a fresh and simple lighting for this particular space, not complicated shadows or materials.

This is a real environment that I decided to recreate in 3d for testing purposes, so lets get started.

One of the issues of this space is the windows, I only have two medium size windows so I have to think about adding artificial lighting to the scene, but I wanted to keep it simple and just to complete the lighting with a few lights around the space.

We cant just add lights around the place without a meaning, I like to play with contrast and temperature when creating a render. In this case I added two lights to the scene to create to focal points, 1 is the meeting table and the other the sofa to chill.

For the main lighting source I used HDRI to create some kind of soft shadows in the interior.

This is the lighting setup and the hdri that I used:

As you can see it is a simple kind of sunset in the hdri, clear sky and green lawn to add a tonal variation to the scene. The sun is not hitting directly the interior to avoid hard shadows in the final render.

corona training course different lighting setup tutorial 3dsmax vray

For the fill lights I used two spherical lights in each lamp. here you can see the settings:

As you can see it is a simple lighting setup to create some nice and soft shadow all over the place. Because the interior is a small and has a lot of items if you add a complicated lighting you will get some kind  of bad taste when looking to the image. Try to keep it simple when dealing with small spaces so you render will look more realistic and good to the eyes.

The materials are so simple, nothing fancy here, only diffuse, bump and specular, it is a simple scene, but I will show some of them just in case you wanted to see a more detailed explanation of the materials.

corona training course different lighting setup tutorial 3dsmax vray

The images was looking good in the render but as everyone else I like to improve it with the post processing options that corona offers, I took a screenshot for you guys.

Here is the what I changed in the render settings and the post setup for the image

Here is another view from the layout of the scene:

And here is the final render, I only played with the offset and chromatic aberration in photoshop and some levels:

Corona Home Office tutorial interior rendering

Conclusion, when creating an image for resting purpose try to replicate a real environment so you can have a real feedback of the lighting in the space and this will help you to achieve a better image quality and realistic look in your future renders.

The scene project file is available for download just in case you want to put your hands and play with the settings and other 3d models, go grab it and make your own test.

corona training course different lighting setup tutorial 3dsmax vray

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